Acceptable Use Policy

These communities have been created to allow and encourage teachers, educational professionals, schools and the ICT industry to engage in open debate on the important issues relevant to this aspect of education. You can raise individual issues or pass on experiences. You can reach out to a wide audience in order to look for partnerships or seek help. Note that messages sent to these communities may be read by anyone with internet access.

All visitors who wish to contribute to the discussions are required to register a few simple details in order to receive an authorised password. The mandatory details required for registration are:

This process is essential to ensure the authenticity of messages posted in the forum. Anyone, whether registered or not, will be able to read contributions. By joining the discussion groups you agree to be bound by the following rules.

These rules are set out to ensure all members feel confident that they are not open to abuse or harassment.

Management of the site
We wish to encourage discussion, not stifle it, so management will be as light and unobtrusive as practicable.

We reserve the right to remove any threads or contributions from the discussion forum and to change the policy of these communities without notice to users.

We aim to let discussions run their course as long as there is continued interest in them, but will close down discussions that have not received any recent contributions and have become of only historic interest, or where the contributions are unprofitable or repetitive.

Persistent misusers will have their registration withdrawn.

The details you provide on the registration form will be used only to supply you with the services you've selected. These details will be collected via email and stored electronically in a database in accordance with the current data protection legislation and as set out in the Department.s privacy statement.

By registering on this site, you are deemed to have agreed to abide by this Acceptable Use Policy. Although the Department for Education cannot take responsibility for monitoring every message that is sent to the website, we must reserve the right to remove items submitted from anyone who repeatedly ignores these rules.

Note that messages sent to these communities may be read by anyone with internet access. All messages sent to a community are stored in a publicly available archive. Archives are provided as an additional resource to users and enables non members to browse the messages. Once you send a message to a community your email address will be available/visible to other list members.